Our Strategy

A Balanced Approach to Multi-Family Real Estate Investment

At The Lenron Group, we employ a carefully crafted strategy aimed at long-term growth and resilience. By focusing on multi-family real estate opportunities that offer both stable income and the potential for capital appreciation, we provide our investors with the best of both worlds.

Before acquiring any property, we conduct a thorough market analysis that examines demographic trends, employment rates, and local amenities among other factors. This ensures that our investments are grounded in properties with strong growth potential.

We don’t believe in leaving things to chance. Our risk-mitigation strategies include diversification across markets, careful property selection, and proactive asset management. Our aim is to provide you with investment opportunities that are as low-risk as they are lucrative.

Investment Criteria

Transaction Size

$2 million to $10 million +

Asset Type

C-B+ multi-family properties

90+% occupied assets capable of obtaining long-term debt

Ratios and Exit

Capable of achieving 6-8% cash on cash return at takeover

A debt coverage ratio of 1.5

5-7 year holds

Target Markets

Primary and emerging markets nationwide